Our First Client

Earlier today I received a mysterious email from Burtis.


I’ve already briefed Donnie and Lilah on this case. Bond wants us to investigate some Jack character. (Told you there’s always a Jack). So far, we don’t have many leads. From the evidence Bond already compiled, it’s clear that Black and Burtis are hiding something. They must know who Jack is. But why was Burtis the one to contact us, then? Something doesn’t add up.

Where does Black work? What authority does Burtis have? Whose side are they really on? We’ll find out soon enough. Just like we uncovered the truth behind Obama’s evil spider bananas, Stirrup Trouble will soon know all about Jack. We’ll even know his allergies.

Keep on the lookout.



Thought of warning a few of the scoundrels we may pick up during our work.


Stirrup Trouble will turn your world upside down, and pull all the skeletons out of your closet if we need to. Being a widower, I don’t want to see any relationship take a wrong turn. It’d throw a wrench into my memories.

Threw a couple of silhouettes in there to keep the high contrast in your mind. Relationships are black and white. Maybe binary sits better with you modern folk.

If you’re going to be with someone. Stick with them or drop them. If you don’t, well, that’s why we’re here.
Donnie Rawlen

The Logos of Logos

So Bananas set up a nice site for us here. Thought I’d spruce it up a bit with a logo for our new front. Names are nice, but imagery can add a bit more depth, from my experience.

Wanted to keep it slim and dark.

Stirrup Trouble will be investigating, so I kept our name under the lights. Reminded me of a downtown neon sign when I put this together.

Then I thought of the darkness. There was too much. We’ll illuminate the dark and gritty details, so I put our stirrup over there. Used it as a D to clue people in on our purpose, to boot. Made sense to me.

Here it is, nice and big:


-Donnie Rawlen


Wanted Poster

wanted poster


Please spread this around. My manager really needs to talk with him, so if you see him, my contact info is lilah.vanletinee84@gmail.com. I’ll make sure the contact is not an imposter and then forward it to my manager. Thanks!

Conspiracy Theory (3 stars)

Potentially Dead Spiders Found In Supermarket Banana

Mystery Air Objects seen In Sky Over L.A

Obama Sweeps to Historic History


My first assignment as an agent of Sitrrup, is to find my managers missing bananas… a little odd I know, but I have a feeling this is a sort of initiation. ANYways, I was sifting through some of her old research and came across these newspaper clippings and asked, “Now why would she have these?”. I came up with the theory that Obama is an alien and in order to get into office, he stole her bananas and infected them with deadly spiders in order to kill off his enemies. Well she ate it up, so now I’m posting this as proof that Obama is an alien. The links to the original articles are below.