Meet The Staff


Delia LaSalle- Manager


I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and my talents include cooking, singing, and making uncomfortable comments. You’d see me regularly eating bananas foster with coffee. I enjoy listening to the radio, reading A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, or watching The Lady from Shanghai.

Donnie Profile

Donnie Rawlen

I was born in Chicago, Illinois to a grocer. I moved down to San Francisco by train, and started a new life there as a writer. Then I met Doc Brown, who helped me to get when I am today. I am a self-made man. My favorite movie is A Dog’s Life. My favorite book? Dostoevsky’s The Idiot.


Delilah Valentine


Born in Iowa, I came a long way from being a small town girl. My specialty is people, figuring out how they work, and what makes them tick. My favorite food is shrimp and macaroni and cheese, and give me Edgar Allen Poe and I can psychoanalyze for hours. Being single with no family, my work is my life. check out my Resume to view my credentials.


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