It all started one day when Delia LaSalle (that’s me!) decided to start her own Private Eye agency. After sorting through two countless resumes, she hired Donnie Rawlen and Delilah Valentine to her cause. The good people of 1950s New Orleans had many untrustworthy and unruly characters. The kinds of no-good people who steal your property without care, or who are unfaithful partners. That’s where Stirrup Trouble comes in!

We are an investigative agency that prides itself in giving your case the attention it deserves, even if the feds pay you no mind! There is no case too small or insignificant, as long as you can pay up. You think your lover is cheating on you with his wife? We’ve got you covered. Someone stole your bananas? We’ve got you covered. Your house was broken into and robbed? We don’t have you covered. That’s what the police are for. Haven’t you been paying attention?



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