Jack Runs It All

This guy, Jack. He’s running all of it.

He’s got everyone under his thumb: Black, Bond, Burtis, Groom, Jota, Noircat, and even Misha.


He’s the kingpin, the top dog, the faceless puppeteer.

Show yourself, Jack. We know your game. We know the players. We even know your business.

Jack’s been running a Russian mail order bride business for years now. His next target? Noir106 women.


Let’s go back to the beginning. Back to where it all started.

Bond gets a Russian mail order bride, Misha. No shame in that–she’s a fine gal.  Brings her to the US of A. Then things start to get mixed up.

Bond doesn’t know he’s taken Jack’s doll of the ball. So, he gets a message: find some replacements. See, Misha’s worth more than one hell cat.

Jack ships Noircat to Bond’s last known location. Puts a chip in his feline friend to help with his mission.

Bond’s supposed to send Jack a list of dames, stored on an old Night Driver’s chip for safe keeping. No one in noir106 should be suspicious of that, he thinks.

That’s where the hearts start flipping the cards, though–after Misha’s in the States and meets Bond and Groom. The gal falls in love with her husband’s friend.

Groom picks up a cat from the local shelter: Noircat. He tells Bond about his gift.

Shaken, Bond naturally turns the tables on his dame-for-dimes. Calls the black and whites and they shuffle her off.

Groom doesn’t know it, but he’s got Jack’s plant. But Groom can’t keep Noircat around. He gives the cat to Black for safekeeping. Black leaves. Goes “on assignment” somewhere for a week. Next thing you know, Jack’s calling up Jota trying to meet. Jota doesn’t share even the slightest information that he’s turned his back on noir106.

Groom’s caught up in this, but doesn’t pose a threat, so Jack passes him over. He goes for Burtis instead. Wants to know about Bond’s usual schedule. She won’t crack, so he starts sending her a message. Boxes. Hundreds of them start showing up at her door. She won’t budge. She’s a tough cookie to crumble. That’s where things get a bit more tricky and Jack starts to use his plant.

See, Bond’s not supposed to be broadcasting any kind of information, but Noircat’s chip hacks into Black’s local wireless network through some sort of electronic mischief and finds Bond.

Jack needs that information–he wants his list of dames. But Bond knows all about his scheme by now. So, he’s a loose end. Jack’s gotta find him or his whole operation’s blown.

That’s why Jack’s been popping up. Why Burtis was so troubled by Jack’s presence in the videos. Why Groom doesn’t actually know Jack. Why Black is surprised to hear his name on the phone.

He wants Bond silenced. Jota’s given him the data from Noircat’s chip, so he’s got his dames’ names, but can’t have any of this surfacing.

Donnie Rawlen


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